Always in pursuit of 'the moment' and it's elusive nature. When captured, the image conveys all meaning with no words. 


For me, the camera is the final step in a long series of actions. As creatures of senses, we are armed with biological tools for exploring our world, making sense of our environment, and ultimately navigating within its context. How we process our surroundings is as unique as we are, but each of us has a cultivated sense for what is true and real. The eyes, the mind, the muscle, and the camera synchronize for a split second with the present moment, the fluid 'now.'

What feels like second nature to me, is actually years of trial and error, relentless shaping of how I choose to share my reality, through lens and sensor (and film too). All of this for one simple goal: a hope that another person feels what I felt in that moment. True human connection.