Danny O'Dwyer at Patreon

With the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) in town, I captured Danny O'Dwyer setting up shop in the Patreon offices, interviewing some game producers and developers. Danny is from the Oakland hood, and gets down to At the Drive In, so I think it's fair to say, I dug the guy. Check out his Youtube channel.

Smell Ya Later

So they say that New York is one of the worst smelling places in the world, and while I may agree with that sentiment, the guys over at Le Labo Fragrances in NYC are battling this out, one person at a time. Their aesthetic is on point, and their photography is killer, but their line of products is where it's at. Have a look for yourself!

Here are few snaps I took of two of their offerings.


Death Valley

The desert is a place that I feel resonates deep with who I am, and where I come from. My Californian and Mexican heritage has been intertwined with the desert. Here are a few photos I was compelled to take.

This couple wins best view, if only just because they dragged their chairs way TF out there.