We Eloped!


Why did we do it?

Because we're in love, duh! 

Well also because weddings are very expensive, and for most couples it's the largest purchase they make behind buying a home. 

Kristy and I visited a few venues in the last year, some costing over $10k, with food catering over 8k, rentals, flowers, photographers, etc, it gets very pricey very fast. We envisioned a big party in the desert with all of you, our families and friends. It would've been a beautiful evening, with lifelong memories. But the thought of spending 40 thousand dollars made us feel like we could better use that money. And asking family for contributions was something we didn't want to do.

We love the simplicity of an elopement. The day is all about the two of us. With a large wedding, we were spending more time thinking of others, making sure everyone would be happy with the food, the drinks, open bar, the party favors, and so many other things that could distract us from the reason we're getting married in the first place. We focus on the most important part: dedicating our selves to each other in the most meaningful way, in the purest way, out in nature, and with each other. We got to enjoy all of the best parts of our own fairytale wedding exactly the way we wanted to. There was nothing to distract us from the real reason we were there: each other. We wanted something intimate, beautiful and romantic. Something that represented who we are as individuals. You guys know us best, and you know that for us, being one with nature is one of the most fulfilling experiences. Now we get to vow our love for each other in this inspiring place. Joshua Tree.


On July 27th, 2018, Kristy and Mo were married. The heat was strong, but the full moon rising after sunset brought in a slight breeze, and a peaceful glow to the atmosphere. They vowed to spend the rest of their lives together.